Do you need a level 3 building survey before buying a property?

Level 3 building survey

If you are thinking about moving house or have just put your own property on the market, then you’re probably considering the type of survey you will need on the property you hope to purchase. There are different levels of surveys and no rules to state which you should have, however there are some factors to take into consideration that will influence your decision and hopefully ensure that you get the right building survey to meet your needs. In this blog we are going to discuss the level 3 building survey and whether you need one before buying a property.

What is a level 3 building survey?

A level 3 survey, also known as a Building Survey, or RICS Home Survey Level 3, is an in depth assessment of the condition of a property. It is a full structural survey and the most comprehensive of all the home buyers surveys. The level 3 building survey will include everything that is covered in a level 2 homebuyers survey, plus identifying risks or causes of hidden defects, outlining the scope of any remedial work and explaining the likely outcome of not carrying out the recommended repairs.

When should you get a Home Survey Level 3?

In many cases, a level 2 homebuyers survey will be adequate to give you the information you need to purchase a property. However, you should seriously consider a level 3 building survey if one or more of the following factors applies to you:

  • The property you are buying is over 50 years old
  • The property you are buying is a listed building
  • The property you are purchasing is an unusual building or has been built using unconventional materials
  • The property has undergone a significant amount of alterations
  • The property you want to buy is in a poor condition
  • You have concerns about the property’s structure or condition
  • You're planning to carry out extensive renovations and alterations once you move in

In addition to the information you’ll receive on the property’s structure and condition, you can also expect to see information on defects, repairs and costs, together with advice on future maintenance. This will be important data to have when making your purchasing decision, particularly if you need to factor in any additional costs for future maintenance, or decide whether your planned alterations will be worthwhile.

Book your building survey in Birmingham

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