When might you need a party wall surveyor?

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Just because you have never been involved in a party wall dispute, it doesn’t mean you won’t be at some point in the future. We hope that this blog will provide a useful resource to explain when you might need a party wall surveyor and how they can help you to resolve a dispute regarding a party wall.

A party wall dispute can occur when there is a disagreement about a boundary between two properties. It could be the wall between two semi detached properties, the floor between an upstairs and downstairs flat or a wall in the garden belonging to one property but used to separate it from an adjoining one. A dispute arises when a building owner serves a notice to say they will be carrying out building works, under the Party Wall Act, but the adjoining owner either disagrees or fails to respond.

When such a situation arises, both parties are advised to contact a party wall surveyor - either a separate one or the same one - to help them settle the dispute.

How a party wall surveyor can help

A party wall surveyor will act impartially to resolve the dispute by assessing the situation and putting together a legally binding document that both parties can agree on. This document will take into account the extent of the work taking place, when it will take place and any compensation that should be payable to the adjoining owner for any loss or damage caused. If either of the property owners disagrees with the agreement that the party wall surveyors have drawn up, they have 14 days to appeal to the county court, but the agreement will only be overturned if the courts believe that the surveyor has not correctly followed the dispute resolution process.

In addition to actually helping property owners to resolve a dispute, party wall surveyors can take the stress out of an already difficult situation. Party wall disputes often occur on new developments, extensions and redevelopments, which can be chaotic and challenging times for property owners without the added hassle of a disagreement with a neighbour.

Party wall surveyor Sutton Coldfield

If you’re looking for a party wall surveyor in Sutton Coldfield then you’ve come to the right place. Based in central Sutton, JTM Building Consultancy are experts in residential surveying and have the experience to help you whether you have been served a notice from your neighbour about construction works they plan to carry out or have failed to get a response from your adjoining property owner about works that may affect party walls. We work across Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, supporting property owners through the necessary legal frameworks associated with buying, selling and altering properties.

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